Posted on September 22, 2021 in Personal Tax Since You Asked Tax Planning

A friend of mine is really sick and in the hospital. There is a GoFundMe page set up to provide financial support to them and their family while they are not able to work. It will also help pay for additional medical expenses that are not otherwise covered. Can I claim donations made through GoFundMe on my personal tax return?”

Generally, the answer is NO. GoFundMe is an online platform that helps raise money for a variety of causes like medical and living expenses, emergencies, memorials, education, vet bills, and more. When the organizer is not a registered charity, the donations are not eligible for the donation tax credit.

That said, sometimes non-profits that are registered charities will also use GoFundMe as a platform to fundraise. In this specific situation, you should receive a donation receipt which would allow you to claim it on your personal taxes.

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