I’ve been a sailor most of my life. It’s part of my soul. After moving on from a hard life in the oil fields I was drawn to the Victoria harbor where I found this grand ship calling my name. ‘THANE’ was built in Victoria on Finger One at Fisherman’s Warf and graces the harbor with her tall sails and is 50’ from bow to stern. She offered daily sailing tours around the spectacular scenery of local coastlines and harbors.

Just over a year ago I heard that ‘THANE’ and the business was for sale. To sail everyday and make a living from it would be a dream. Sharon was the first person I told about my business idea. Through her encouragement, my dream came to fruition. I went to Sharon because I knew she not only offers a wealth of accounting-related advice, but she would guide me in making an informative business decision that would be financially sustainable but most importantly it would complete my soul. Sharon understood that about me. She knew it wasn’t about making money, it was about a lifestyle and supported me in making it happen.

I have Sharon to thank for her business advice as it put my business partner and me on track to far exceed what our expectations were for the first year of business. A lot of advice has come from Sharon, little things; all the way along she has been involved. She has empowered me to be confident in my business model, responded to my midnight business questions, and accepted my bag of receipts with open arms.

Sharon is always light-hearted and fun. I aspire to be like her one day!