When we discovered Sharon, we were at our wits end with our taxes both professionally and personally. Tax time meant stress, bank loans, and a diminishing confidence in the value of our work.
How could so much be going to taxes each year when we are working so hard simply to stay afloat?

We turned to our friends in the Tri-Cities for help. The answer came: “We know someone who can save you.”

While we always had our suspicions on the accuracy and legitimacy of our previous accountant, these were never brought to light until our first meeting with Sharon. Errors that had been reoccurring for years and costing us tens of thousands of dollars were quickly righted as were guided into a new era of our personal and professional lives.

My husband and I both have our own small businesses, myself as an artist and him in the film industry, and the personal taxes of our family to take care of. Sharon handles it all with the most up-to-date knowledge and a humbling compassion that continues to inspire us both. She accepts our level of knowledge (I’m terrible with math and numbers!), she is always on time (when she isn’t waiting on us), and she makes us feel as though no questions is too small.

When we completed our first year of taxes with Sharon, I literally burst into tears at the sheer shock of how much they had been reduced. It has been life changing for us.