I have known Sharon Perry personally through her work in the community for almost 15 years. I was initially cautious to ask her if she would take me as a client thinking it might be best to keep work-work and personal-personal. I also thought, at the time, that my accountant in Vancouver had been doing a thorough job.

Well after learning the hard way that my previous accountant was not, I did make the change to Sharon Perry & Associates, now almost 10 years ago. I am so grateful she was able to take me on both as a personal tax client and now a corporate client, and only wish I had made the change much sooner!

Sharon’s knowledge, guidance, and expertise has resulted in-measurable advantage to my corporation as well as my family’s personal taxes. Sharon and her team have taken care of my tax needs to a comprehensive level that I could not have imagined prior. Not being a tax expert myself, Sharon took the time to know my business and my personal situation so that she could best advise and support me. That extra time and step made all the difference.

Her team supported and assisted me through a few CRA tax audits too, and I would say that the audit insurance Sharon Perry & Associates offers is a must! The best part of working with Sharon Perry & Associates is I completely trust Sharon and her team to represent my company and myself for all my bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs.

Jenny O’Callaghan