You Bought a What?!?! A Salmon!!!

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Posted by Sharon Perry on October 20, 2016



Yes, it’s true…we bought a Salmon! It’s a very BIG and bright ORANGE SALMON!!! Although we may wish it was PURPLE, we are super excited about our salmon.

Wondering minds want to know – Why did we buy a Salmon? Because Coquitlam turned 125 this year. Coquitlam celebrated BIG and we wanted to be part of that. We love Coquitlam!!! Happy Birthday Coquitlam!

And this is what I shared with the City of Coquitlam in celebration of its birthday.

“Coquitlam is the foundation that Sharon has chosen to root her home and her livelihood. As a resident for over 15 years, Sharon started and grew her family here. A family beyond the children she adores, but also reaching into the lives of the clients of her business, many of who also proudly call Coquitlam home. Sharon Perry, Chartered Professional Accountant is a firm that passionately supports the community of Coquitlam in every manner possible. The 125th anniversary of Coquitlam is a milestone that inspires Sharon, her family and her team to continue to contribute and proudly stand as ambassadors to this truly wonderful community.” “Fifteen years as a home, five years running a business, a story I am elated to be a part of. Congratulations Coquitlam.”

img_6902-300x225.jpgSpecial thanks to Linda Reimer, MLA, and Coquitlam Councillors, Terry O’Neill, Chris Wilson, Dennis Marsden & Craig Hodge, for joining in on the #salmonselfie fun!

How can you join in on the FUN??? Between now and October 31, 2016, please join me in our #salmonselfie contest. Post your #salmonselfie on any one of my social media pages and be entered to win dinner and a movie for two. Our sponsored Salmon lives at Poirier Rec Centre but they are all over Coquitlam so take a #salmonselfie with any of them and you will be entered. Winner will be drawn on November 1, 2016.