Posted on May 05, 2016 in Sharon's Corner Small Business Tax Planning

What are your plans?I have a plan. Do you?

On April 22, my gramma passed away. She lived to almost 89 and had a good, long life. The purpose of me sharing this is to share why having a plan and using it works.

April 22 falls right at the end of tax season, our busiest time of the year. A time of year when Accountants do nothing but eat, sleep (if lucky) and work. Most days I leave while my kids are sleeping and come home after they are in bed. Unless LIFE happens! We do not control life. We just have to accept it as it is.Life Happens!

But what I do have control over is how often I remind clients that they need to bring their taxes in. What I do have control over is my tax drop-off deadline and ensuring my clients know the deadline so they aren’t surprised if I am unable to complete on time. This year was a phenomenal year. All clients who chose to file on time, did just that. (My deadlines also help with knowing how many new clients I can accept each year but that is for a post to come.) So although my gramma passed away during the busy tax season and I needed to travel out of town for her service on April 30 (tax deadline) was out of my control, this didn’t impact our ability to complete our clients taxes on time because I HAD A PLAN.

I worked the plan and the plan worked…of course hoping there are no life events next year. 😉 What are your plans?

But this brings me to another point in my plan. What if something happens to me? What will happen to my business? What will happen to my clients?  Not to worry. I have another PLAN.

I have an arrangement with another Accountant who will step in and help distribute files to all my clients. They are a trusted colleague who owns their own firm and whom I seek advice from often throughout the year.

I have an arrangement with another Accountant who will step in and help distribute files to all my clients. He too is a CPA, CA. He is a colleague that I trust and seek advice from often throughout the year.

I also have fabulous staff in my office who will be there to assist. And they have access to ensure they are paid and my bills too. 😉

So, I have a PLAN. My staff and clients will all be taken care of. And of course, my personal life has a plan too.

Time to PlanWhat about you? Have you considered what will happen to your family or business in the event of LIFE happening?

Remember, you have worked hard to have the life you have. Don’t leave your family and business without a plan. Have a will. Have insurance. Have whatever you need to ensure your family and business are looked after.

If you need to brainstorm or need a referral for a lawyer or insurance agent, please call or email and I would be happy to recommend someone.

Remember to always seek the advice of a Professional CPA.

***This blog is for information only and not to be used as tax advice or planning without first seeking professional advice. Information is subject to change without notice.