Posted on September 30, 2014 in Sharon's Corner Small Business
Let it go!

The title of this blog was inspired by my daughters favorite song, LET IT GO, from the Disney hit movie, Frozen. As I was struggling to write a brief post for social media, I had to LET IT GO and realize that a blog was in order.

So many people get stressed, anxious or nervous about tax time.

What makes it even WORSE for many is when you forget to file, are late in filing or even miss the tax year altogether. I can’t tell you how common that is. Our already extremely busy lives happen and time keeps going…April 30 (or June 15 for sole proprietors) is not always convenient for everyone. We have babies, marriages, deaths, moves, etc. Some of these things take over our lives for months and months on end. Yes, we do generally have a couple months between when we receive our tax slips and when we file, BUT these life events do sometimes spill over and take over our time and this is on top of our normal day to day work, life, family, etc.

When I have taxpayers come to me for help, they are often MANY MANY years behind. No, that is not a duplication of words. MANY years ranging between 2 (common) up to as much as 15 years (very common)…and no, I am not kidding. One year turns into two, two into three…until you are MANY years behind in tax filings.

The guilt that these taxpayers feel is so overwhelming that they have a hard time finding a Professional Accountant who cares, provide guidance or take the stress off their shoulders altogether. They have a hard time trusting or sharing when they believe they are a “BAD PERSON” for not filing.

I’m here to tell you that what you feel is normal and there are many Professional Accountants out there who will help and will not judge. Filing late is far more common than you know.

But getting to my point of this blog…LET IT GO!!!

It’s time to move on. Let the guilt GO! Let the stress GO! Let a Professional Accountant help! Let’s get started and get the process going. If you can’t find your tax slips, we can contact CRA for copies. We are EXPERTS at piecing it all together…even tax information from 15 years ago.

And you might just be surprised that there are tax refunds, GST credits, working income tax benefits, child tax credits and more waiting for you.  Most of my clients who have many years to file almost always have refunds. According to CRA, there is millions of uncashed tax refunds and other government cheques.  Wouldn’t you want your piece of that?

Not only that, what about your mortgage or finances? You will need your tax returns for borrowing purposes and those refunds will certainly help pay off any debt that might exist or perhaps pay for a trip.

LET IT GO!!! It’s time to clear up the past and move on!

And this is why in my 20+ years as a Professional Accountant, I have often been called Doctor. When you work with Sharon Perry & Associates, Chartered Professional Accountant, we are a TEAM that includes YOU! I am compassionate and caring. I will take on your tax problems. I am very successful with taking the worry and stress off your shoulders. I am successful at making the process painless and easy. I am more than a Chartered Professional Accountant. I am your CONFIDANT and TRUSTED ADVISOR!

***This blog is for information only and not to be used as tax advice or planning without first seeking professional advice. Information is subject to change without notice.