Posted on June 15, 2021 in Community Sharon's Corner Small Business

Laptop-Scholarship-20210526 Photo.jpgOver a year gone by with COVID19 and our new world really settling in for many. We are all hopeful for certain things to return to normal, like visiting friends and family or attending events, weddings, and such, but one thing we know for sure that will not change back is our grown use and dependency on technology.

Our children, the leaders of tomorrow, are faced with so many different challenges that none of us have ever experienced before them. As a mom of 3, Sharon, is surrounded by many children/teenagers and is always amazed to see the resiliency that they show up with every day. 

With more families working from home, many schools using hybrid models of online, in-class and/or the requirement for a device while in-class, access to a device is essential, enabling children to do their schoolwork, while also staying connected with their peers, friends, and community. 

We believe that education is the foundation for success and ALL children should have access to the very tools that make learning easier. And that is why we are bringing the Scholarship Laptop back again. 

With many middle and high schools requiring devices and parents often having little to no notice and are already experiencing financial stresses and pressures, we are hoping the return of the Laptop Scholarship will help a few more families in the Tri-Cities community. 

Access to a device, in our opinion, means their OWN device and not one that is shared with a sibling or a working parent. Every one of us has obligations and expectations to work and/or learn. Having access to a device for only 1 hour a day, at say 7PM, once the working parent is done for the day, is not ideal if your child has no access to their teacher at that same time. 

We believe in giving back, wherever and whenever we possibly can. Education is important and the same opportunities should be possible for all children, no matter their situation. Imagine how much more every child could do when educated with the proper tools that are now a requirement, not a perk. And if technology is what we need our future leaders to have now, then that is where we need to help. 

Our goal, once again, is to provide three (3) brand new laptops for September, the 2021/2022 school year. QR_code_SharonPerry2021LaptopScholarship.png The Laptop Scholarship is available to children of School District 43, for those in grades 6 to 10 (as of September 2021), and will be awarded to students whom we feel need it and will benefit the most. The Laptop Scholarship is a way for us to put a laptop in homes where children do not have adequate access or any at all.

If you have children in SD43, entering grades 6 to 10, that could benefit from the Laptop Scholarship, please consider applying. Or if you know a family that would benefit, please share and encourage them to apply.

Deadline to apply is Monday, August 9, 2021 at 11:59PM. Eligibility criteria is also on the application. 

Congrats to our winners: Anthony from Scott Creek Middle, Emma from Pitt River Middle and Lucas from Hillcrest Middle.