Posted on January 11, 2021 in Community Sharon's Corner Small Business

sp_charity_campaign_201030_v2f.jpgWow! 10 years in business…I am truly in awe! Never in a million years did I envision where I would be at this moment with my business. Where to begin?!

Well, since college, I knew I would have my own business one day. And then once I was introduced to Public Practice (that is what we call Professional Accounting firms) in 2001, I knew this was the type of business I would have one day…but when would I have it was the next question?!

I was quite happy working for the various firms during my pre-business ownership period but sometimes things just change. I had just returned from maternity leave with my third, Kendra, and even returned to a promotion of having my own office so as much as those were very exciting times, something was different. Something was missing.

I was not in control of how much money I made. I was not in control of moving up within the company. I was not in control of the type of clients that I got to work with. Returning to work quickly turned into planning to open my own business.

Between working full-time with a lot of overtime given that it was tax season plus three children under the age of 5, there was never enough time in the day to really plan what was going to happen.Gramma 2016 Early Achievement.jpg Probably a good thing I was never a stereotypical Accountant or else I probably would never have taken the risk (without planning) and throw caution to the wind with just opening shop in my basement with no guaranteed paycheque coming in, a mortgage and three children to feed. But with the encouragement of my gramma who loaned me $10,000 and the Futurpreneur Canada Loan, if I didn’t make it, I knew my skills and training were valuable so I could always get a job again if it didn’t work out…but as my dad always said “Quitting Isn’t An Option”.

Jumped in with both feet I did while going against my mentor of all times advice, my dad, keeping it a secret from him as he did not think it was the right time for it. (Boy, was he ever wrong and proudly admitted it every opportunity he had.)

Turned my basement into my office and off I went. No time to plan. No time to think. Just DO!!!

And what a rollercoaster it has been. From my home office to our first location at Austin Station and then to ownership in the Meegan Building Centre. And growing our team from just me to a team of six.

Like every business, we have had ups and downs. Successes and challenges. But one thing that has never waivered was our commitment to our clients and community. There was no amount of planning that could have prepared me for the overwhelming support that I would receive when opening my doors back in May 2011. I am truly humbled and often speechless at that outpouring of support I have received. I am incredibly grateful for all the relationships I have made over these years, with my clients, business associates and community.

I am truly excited for what is to come. A planner with my own business is still not something that I devote a lot of time too. I often lead with my heart and just DO what I feel is right for myself, for clients and for our community. As I’ve said for years, I am GROWING WITH YOU…as your business grows, mine does too and I thank you for trusting in me.

The success we have had has allowed us to support many organizations. Over the past 10 years, we have donated to quite a few including Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation (three sleeper chairs, vein finder and more including my family naming of the new cardiac department, Bruce Kehler Cardiology), breakfast programs with Coquitlam Firefighters Charitable Society, Port Moody Firefighters Charitable Society, Access Youth, Starfish Backpack program, Crossroads Hospice, Coquitlam Little League, Share and so many more.

Leading with my heart once again, in celebration of the last 10 years and for what is to come, we are donating $50,000 this year. We have worked with many organizations over the years and although we have invited them to apply, we also know there are many organizations in the Tri-Cities that we really don’t know much about and we welcome the introduction to us. Click here for details and to apply. (Application deadline is March 22, 2021) 

Besides donating $50,000 to local organizations, we are just getting started. 10 years and counting and we will continue GROWING WITH YOU! Thank you to everyone who has supported us (me, Sharon) along the way. Past, present and future clients, family, friends, colleagues, business associates and community…

There really are not enough words to express the overflowing of love and support received. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Sharon Perry, CPA, CA